1973 - ASM #116 - I Need 250 Skinny Guys!

Listen, I'm not trying to make a statement with all these bodybuilding ads I'm posting. As I've repeatedly said, as far as I'm concerned there's only one that I would call particularly classic, and it's Charles Atlas. But these gems keep popping up well into the end of the 1970's, so you may have to bear with me just a bit more.  I promise when we get to those ads for Colecovision games you can go hog wild.

Anyway, there's this:

"Hey! I Need 250 Skinny Guys!" Says Mr. Universe Frank Richard/Richards (You know, Mr. Fantastic's son). You better do what he says, or he will bust out of his flower adorned arch and take them himself...

Besides, how can you argue with results:
"I was very impressed with how my... thighs expanded."
"...thickening and getting harder after every session."


Just write the Body Building Center in Ontario, Canada. Unless of course you're in Englad, at which point Mr. Richards would like you to write him personally.



Oh my.

This Ad for Frank Richards' Tensile Contraction Bodybuilding program ran in Amazing Spider-Man #116, January 1973.


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