1972 - ASM #104 - GROW MAN GROW!

Wow, that's wow... that's just so sexual:

That graphic is just overly designed to really empower your masculinity, doesn't it? Never mind that the program is "effective for either sex."

(notice the "GROW MAN GROW" marquees around the ad, except for the one on the top right, which adds (Ladies too!))

Maybe they meant how girls would be positively affected once their guys "grow their inches." Besides, HERE'S PROOF!:

"Before taking your NEW HEIGHT course I was two inches shorter than my girlfriend, now five weeks later I am an inch taller. She is thrilled."

That's proof, folks. YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!

The program costs $7.98 in 1972 dollars, or about $40 in present money, which is a tidy sum now, and definitely was back then, especially for something to order from a PO Box, and most especially when other similarly ambitious programs could be had for much less.

Appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #104, January 1972.


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