1968 - ASM # 63 - Forbidden Oriental Fighting Arts

Wallace W. Reumann, master of SUPER KARATE, wants to teach you the martial arts that the Gooks, and most importantly, other martial arts instructors selling xeroxed martial arts pamphlets, don't want you to know!

Not only will your booklet contain MOVIE STILL PHOTO TECHNIQUE (aka they filmed the moves, grabbed frames from the film, and printed them in the book. Lemme say again what this means: this book has pictures.), BUT you will also receive a "certificate of proficiency" included in your booklet, for you to fill out, only after you truly feel that you've mastered the forbidden arts.

I think this guy wants to raise an army of scrawny teens that fought people using the lambada.

Appeared in Amazing Spider Man #63, August 1968.


Esperanza Quebec said...

I read that poor Mr. Reumann, a legit martial artist, was actually embarrassed by the book and the ads, due to their over the top hucksterism.

Off subject on this particular book, but on the subject on most books of this sort, many of them (such as "Ketsugo" which was also advertised in Silver Age comic books) seemed to be swipes from most of Bruce Tegner's Jukado Self Defense books.

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