1969 - ASM #69 - Spanish Fly

Appropriate for the year and issue number, check this sucker out:

No, not the flashlight. Why would you possibly think that I'd want you to pay attention to the item advertised that takes up 2/3rds of the entire page. No, check out the bottom left.

It's an aerosol can of Spanish Fly. For fishing.

What this has anything to do with flashlights is beyond me.

"Aroma-like perfume attracts both male and female fish by working on the forces that control life itself." Now, if this product is actually what I think it is, it seems to simply be some fish pheromones, deer and game versions of which have been used by hunters to attract their prey. But if it was really Spanish Fly (the aphrodisiac, not the fly-fishing show on ESPN), while it does cause arousal in certain animals, not only am I pretty sure it doesn't work on fish, Spanish Fly induces an irritation in the genitals that stimulates erection, but as far as I know it doesn't create attraction on its own.

It's not like you become a bonered horndog when a tablet of Viagra enters your line of sight.

But seriously, my big question is:

"Why is there an image of a cannon on the can?" Either these guys have completely mixed up their sexual metaphors, or they have absolutely no idea how sexual attraction works, especially for fish.

Appeared in Amazing Spider Man #69, February 1969. The Age of Aquarius, as it were, and exactly 15 years before I was born.


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