1964 - ASM#16 - Yubiwaza!

This white guy from New Jersey wants to teach me Yubiwaza, a martial art that can drop a 200 pound guy with just one finger.

Wkipedia shows only one mention of Yubiwaza, and it's that a character from The Tick, Paul the Samurai, was a fuschia belt in it.

Amazingly, this website provides insight into this ad, revealing that Yubiwaza means "finger technique" and, while not being a martial art in and of itself, this Jersey guy seemed to have been an actual jiujitsu teacher:


The best part, of course, is the testimonial from the instructor's "Pretty Japanese wife."

This ad was taken from Amazing Spider Man #16, September 1964, but the ad might've appeared before that, and certainly appeared at least every other issue for a while.


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