1962 - AF #15 - Mike Marvel, Bodybuilder

Boys! Men! Are you ashamed of your body?

I can't tell to whom that word bubble calling for Boyz II Men belongs, the bodybuilder or the disembodied cartoon head of a female*. Regardless, Mike Marvel was apparently a bodybuilder from the early 1960's who capitalized on a then-revolutionary isometric bodybuilding system, and wanted you to learn it for just $1.98 (about 14 dollars in today-money).

Not only that, it also comes with 'Secrets of Attracting Girls,' a pamphlet that makes you a hit at dances, at parties, and at the beach. Given the awkward placing of the single quotation marks around the title, I can only assume that "Secrets," "Attracting," and "Girls" are not meant to be taken literally.

* I can only assume that women models had no desire to be photographed for an ad appearing in a horror anthology with a man-in-spider-tights-giving-a-businessman-a-wedgie-while-swinging-like-Tarzan, even if said ad featured a buff, greased up man in leopard-print underwear.

This ad appeared in the prestigious Amazing Fantasy #15, from September 1962, which debuted our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with probably the second-most recognizable comic book cover of all time*. Semi-well-known-fact: this was the last issue of Amazing Fantasy published, after which it was retooled back to #1 as another Amazing-ly titled comic featuring our webbed friend here.

*The most recognizable, of course, clearly, is Dazzler #15. You know the one I'm talking about.


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