1968 - ASM # 56 - Real - Quote - Good - Unquote Products

A twofer today. First is this ad that seemed to sell you sharp suits original obtained from a pawnshop... which means who knows which 1930's gangster had worn this originally, how often, and how much dry cleaning it took to get the blood out.

This next ad seems to think not only that ladies read comic books like "Spider Man versus Ka-Zar" (as the comic that these ads appeared in featured),  but that they would be the kind of ladies that would care about how long and dainty their nails looked. And here I was certain that comic book advertisers were masters of their demographics.

BUT the reason I chose to put these two ads together is the now hilarious usage of quotation marks in both. Now, I understand that the sarcastic implication of surrounding something in quotes probably wasn't ubiquitous in 1968, but viewed in a modern context, could you not just envision some thoroughly evil businessmen rubbing their hands together and cackling maniacally as they envisioned you "well-dressed," and "possess"-ing long nails.

Both ads appeared in Amazing Spider Man #56, February 1968.


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