1968 - ASM #56 - Missile Firing Tank

 Ironically-named Honor House Products advertised products similar to this "missile-firing tank" like submarines and spaceships, all of which claimed to be life-sized (or life-sized for a kid), with many functional features for endless hours of fun for you and your friend.

Exemplifying the can-do and can-kill attitude that hadn't completely been eradicated by the coming cynicism of the American people, apparently these products were fiberboard kits that you were to assemble yourself.

Surprisingly little evidence as to the actual quality of these advertised products exists even on the internet, past the novelty of the ads themselves, but surprisingly enough a photo of the actual "Polaris Submarine," another advertised Honor House product, shows what seems to be a decent product to while away a child's afternoon, at least if you can assemble it before it rained.

Amazing Spider Man #56, January 1968.


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