1972 - ASM #106 - Play the Game Warden Game

I ran into bigger ads for the North American School of Conversation's Game Warden/Park Ranger program in other issues, but I'm too lazy to find them right now. Satiate yourself on this smaller ad:

"Fish-Wildlife Manager; Forester; Gov't Hunter or Aid or Assistant-type positions that require less formal education.

Don't be chained to desk, machine, or store counter. Easy home study plan prepares you for exciting career in Conversation. Many Forestry & Wildlife men hunt mountain lions, parachuting from planes to help marooned animals or save injured campers."
 While I'm actually sure the career of a game warden for someone who truly loves being in the outdoors is probably far more rewarding than the job of, say, blogger, or even owner of a carpet cleaning business, I have no doubt that for the vast majority of game warden and park rangers, the job is extremely boring and probably depressing, reminding me of Ranger Glen from Reno 911!

This "Free Facts on How to Become a GAME WARDEN" ad for the North American School of Conservation ran in Amazing Spider-Man #106, March 1972.


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