1973 - ASM #116 - NBC's The Terrific Ten on Saturday Mornings

What's so special about this ad featuring NBC's The Terrific Ten Saturday morning kid's lineup?

Is it that it features classic kid's shows like the Pink Panther? Underdog? The Jetsons? The Houndcats? The Roman Holidays? The Barkleys? Sealab 2020? Runaround? Around the World in Eighty Days? Talking with a Giant?

Nope... and not just because half of those shows really aren't considered classics.

Is it because it features what seems to be five straight hours of children's programming on Saturday mornings on broadcast TV, something you don't really see anymore? Nope.

Is it because of the hastily rendered cartoon drawings? Nope.

It's because this wholesome, colorful, innocent advertisement ran in the same issue that ran THIS AD on the inside front cover.

This ad for NBC's Terrific Ten Saturday morning lineup (as well as the Frank Richards bodybuilding course) ran in Amazing Spider-Man #116, January 1973.


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