1972 - ASM #115 - Get a Raccoon in the Mail!

Back when mail-order was more of a wild-west frontier, a buyer could easily throw cash in the mail, and the seller could easily throw something in a box or crate, pay the postage, and eventually it would probably get to its destination (if it wasn't, you know, a complete scam). That was then.

Nowadays, I really don't think you can just send a coupon and $29.95 "with your telephone number and nearest airport" to Hialeah Pets in Hialeah, Florida, and expect to get a live "PET BABY RACCOON."

Not even if it's "one of America's favorite pets, has always been and still is," which is, of course, pretty suspect, even in the 1970's.

But at least this seems like much better of a deal than sending out for a "Puff the Magic Dragon."

This ad for a pet baby raccoon appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #115, December 1972.


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