1971 - ASM #98 - Puff the Magic Dragon

Look, I really want to just say "what the fuck...?" and leave this post be, but I actually tried to research this (for like five minutes, you know) and figure out what this could've possibly been. No such luck.

I assumed it was just some squirmy rubber toy inside a plastic egg, but the ad says:

  • "A lovable (sic) live pet in a colorful plastic egg!"
  • "Will eat RIGHT OUT OF YOUR HAND!"
  • "FREE food supply."

What the hell IS this "Live mystery egg"?? A salamander? A tiny shark? A leech? An immigrant? Whatever the hell "Puff the Magic Dragon" this ad is actually selling is, I would be freaking SCARED AS HELL to find that colorful plastic egg inside a cardboard box, and opening it.

Unboxing a product like this is the kind of stuff that YouTube was made for, if only it existed in 1971.

From Amazing Spider-Man #98, July 1971.


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