1971 - ASM #100 - Out Cold!

This is the second "comic-book-style" ad I've featured, and while not nearly as creepy and nonsensical as the previous one, this one is equally as hilarious. Okay, maybe a little less. But it's still good.

For some awesome reason, the ad numbers the comic book panels, assuming for some reason that after 100 issues of Spider-Man, we still don't know how to navigate a comic book page. But for our purposes, how about a panel-by-panel commentary?

1) Wacky, wobbly letters emanating from an impact means, I'm pretty sure, that when "those boxes fell on me at work," the crashing sound actually said "OUT COLD."

2) "Nancy, I'm boxed in... in more ways than one!" I'm assuming unclever puns is one of those ways.

3) "I'm still out cold!" Yep, definitely one of those ways. Potentially, the only way.

4) Woman thought bubble: "Earlier this morning he was wiping his ass with a throw pillow, this is a huge improvement in a long line of physical and mental rehab."

5) Graduating took so little time the education was worth only the smallest panel on this page!

6) Okay, this totally reminds me of this recent SNL sketch:

7) "That's right, the future's ten times as bright at my new job... looking at lasers!"

8) (editor's note: the form he's about to sign is the government subsidy for hiring special-needs employees)

On a final note, the mail-in coupon is the very first time I've ever seen anyone abbreviate the state of Pennsylvania as "PENNA." Which sounds like the plural of something dirty. Like Pennsylvania. Hell, the same exact address appears in the top right with the proper state abbreviation.

From Amazing Spider-Man #100, September, 1971. I will act as though this was also the 100th edition of this blog.


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