1971 - ASM #100 - Ahhnold Part Zwei (Joe Weider Part Drei)

Joe Weider's ads have been featured twice on this here blog, including one featuring Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, famous for wielding a sword at state budget meetings.

Those ads came out in 1970, a year prior today's featured at, seen at left.

According to Wikipedia, by 1971 Arnold was fast on his way to becoming a superstar, having racked up a crapload of bodybuilding awards, most recently the Mr. Olympia title for a third year in a row.

So why the hell, when Arnold's name was used in an earlier ad, is his name NOT featured in this ad? I think this was still early in Arnold's career where just having his face and body wouldn't be enough for John. Q. Nerd to make the connection, but his looks, name, and title put together would've made for an enticing, ahem, package.

Appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #100, September 1971.


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