1975 - ASM #142 - Sick and Tired of This Ad!

Some things are worth more than the sum of their parts: iPhones for example. And families. In the case of ads for correspondence degrees done in the style of comic art, the sum of suckiness definitely adds up.

Today's ad is no different. It's for the Cleveland Institute of Electronics, an educational institution that still exists today, despite having a website design from the early 2000's.

Titled "I'm Sick and Tired of My Job!" it tells the story of a guy who's sick and tired of his job, as it were, at least until he finds out that his newly well-to-do friend Jim is suddenly making money "in electronics now." Apparently he did so by taking CIE courses at home.

Our swishy protagonist's story here is nowhere near as dramatic as Mr. Out Cold, but he is at least far more interesting than Joe Locksmith, with the biggest, creepiest smile in Panel 2. Seriously, you try making that face while saying "Oh, all right." and see how weird it feels.

This ad ran in Amazing Spider-Man #142, March 1975, but had been running for years earlier.


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