1975 - ASM #143 - Monsterman or Sea Horses?

So let's say you're a kid in 1975. You've just saved up several weeks' worth of allowance and now you have three dollars to waste on something for sale in Amazing Spider-Man #143. You come upon two small ads, right next to each other:

The first one, apparently are lessons for how to draw monsters, taught by professional cartoonist Monsterman, who may or may not be an actual monster (I'm leaning towards may). In fact I'm assuming that monster is Monsterman's self-portrait.*

The other is an ad for TWENTY FIVE LIVE SEAHORSES. Or rather, apparently, "one pregnant male" who will give birth to as many as 25 babies. Now, I've shown before how surprisingly legit these ads for live pets are, but I'd be willing to just assume that all I'd be getting is one pregnant male and up to 25 dead black specks. But still, 3 bucks for a seahorse is pretty cool.

Which one would you pick?

*Turns out Monsterman is "Scary" Harry Borgman, an actual cartoonist who isn't satisfied with just one creepy nickname. Leif Peng compiled images from the book in a blog post. Still no word on whether or not Harry Borgman is a real monster.

These ads ran next to each other on the same page in Amazing Spider-Man #143, April 1975.


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