1974 - ASM #138 - Buy Cologne from a Kid.

You may remember Blair and their cologne and beauty products. This classy establishment thought it was a worthwhile use of their advertising dollars to take out full page ads in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, in order to get some of that juicy comic book reader money.

Well, if you find yourself really enjoying Blair and their products, turns out you can probably just go to one of your neighborhood dweebs, and just buy from them:

In the previous Blair ad I showcased they mentioned becoming a salesman, but I assumed they (showing as much common sense as they possibly could've) were targeting that opportunity to adult comic readers, the same ones that might consider locksmithing or carpet-cleaning.

Instead, clearly you can expect yourself to be harassed by kids like Bryan LaRose of New York, whose charms may be so great that you'll find yourself buying not only a case of Blair products (this particular ad, by the way, doesn't really explain what products Blair actually makes, unless you can make out the quarter inch square image on the left), but also a bag of seeds and a subscription to GRIT.

I remember two instances in my childhood when classmates asked me to try to sell their wares to my parents. One person sold vinyl siding, the other sold knives. We eventually got both, but not from my friends nor their respective companies.

And if they had been soliciting as adults, I still don't think we'd've bought.

This ad for Blair product display kit with free trial samples and money making plans, ran in Amazing Spider-Man #138, November 1974.


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