1974 - ASM #133 - I Can Always Sell Seeds... You Wanna Buy Some Seeds?

Last time I showed you kids how to make money and win prizes by selling magazines about rural American life. Well, if that sounds too "square" for you, I've got the cure... selling SEEDS!

That's right, sell seeds through the American Seed Company:

According to "Chipper Luschenat" from New Jersey "They are the only thing I ever tried to sell that people wanted to buy." And sadly enough, between this and selling magazine subscriptions, I'm tempted to buy the seeds. That's product that literally grows on trees.

Though I wonder how many seeds I'd actually have to sell to win a portable typewriter, cassette tape recorder, or even a bicycle (!). I could probably solve the deforestation epidemic sweeping the globe, or at least have more than a year's supply of beets.

Printed in Amazing Spider-Man #133, June 1974.


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