1974 - ASM #128 - Evel Knievel Might Be Excited? Maybe?

Evel Knievel may be the most famous daredevil of all time, but from the looks of him in this ad for his Ideal Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle, he doesn't seem particularly excited about the distinction:

In fact, I think it smells bad to him.

 Too bad, cause this toy was extremely popular in the 1970's, with its durable stunt cycle powered by the Gyro Rev-Booster. He even had tons of accessories like the Evel Knievel Scramble Van and, uh.. something called a swagger stick.

Here's a video of the stunt cycle in action:

This toy was manufactured by Ideal, well known for vehicle-based toys.

This ad was recently reprinted when Marvel did its Days of Marvel Past series recently, reprinting classic ads in its current comics.

This particular ad ran in Amazing Spider-Man #128, January 1974, thirty-six years ago!


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