1972 - ASM #112 - Class A: Racing

"Feature for feature the closest thing to real racing ever created"

"Class A: Racing captures the thrills, spills, tension, and drama of real auto racing. No slots - no lanes. Just wide open racing."

Here's the thing, Ideal Toy Corporation. It's a pretty big claim to say this toy car track thing is the closest thing to real racing. I mean, I would venture to say that go-karting at a neighborhood Fun Center would be much closer to simulating the experience of Nascar or Indy car racing, than squeezing a pedal with your hands as a 4-inch piece of plastic whizzes around in a loop. I don't care how precise you are with your pedal-squeezing. If you don't need a seatbelt, it's not that good of a simulation.

That being said, I never had one of these toys as a kid, so it's probably just sour grapes on my part. But really, I prefer my airplane and automobile model kits (the kind that aren't meant to be flown or driven)

This ad for Ideal Toy Company's Class A: Racing kit appeared in Amazing Spider Man #112, September 1972.


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