1971 - ASM #92 - Hot Wheels!

After two posts about an art style prevalent in advertising from 1970's to the '80's, talking about both its positives and negatives, here's an ad from way back in 1971 for Hot Wheels Sizzlers toy cars that practically screams of something more modern.

Modern as in it was composed in Microsoft Word after being colored using the paintbucket in Microsoft Paint modern. Modern as in using a justified text block with a font that doesn't care if it gives you a headache trying to read it modern.

Modern as in those boxes between sentences looks like what happens when I download a random text file from the internet and viewed it on Notepad when it was clearly composed in Wordpad modern.

Specifically, modern as in 1992-2002 modern. 

So really, not all that modern.

From Amazing Spider Man #92, January 1971.


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