1970 - ASM #91 - "It's Really Cool!"

Despite what I said last time about that particular ad's art-style, I actually am fond of the line-art style employed by that ad and this one, which seems to use thin pen markers (instead of brushes) for a more technical but still rough style. Similar to how I'd described it before, it has the look of someone tracing preexisting images without a ruler, or hardly without ever lifting the pen off the paper.

As far as the ad itself goes, I can't figure out what the hell kind of car that thing is... it's a hot rod that was meant to haul ice? You'd think I was crazy but that's clearly a block of ice tied to the back of that damn hot rod. Maybe that was the style at the time. Stick a feather in your pimp hat and put a block of ice in your trunk.

As the ad itself says, "It's really cool."

This ad for Monogram's Ice-T car model kit was printed in Amazing Spider-Man #91, December 1970


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