1973 - ASM #127 - Hypnotize with any TV Set!

You've learned hypnosis the traditional way. In a pinch, you had your hypno-coin. But if you REALLY need to hypnotise someone (by which I mean a cute girl, with you being a creepy dude) RIGHT NOW, this is the ad for you:

"Hypnotize with any T.V. set, 1st Evening or Money-Back!" The ad exclaims. "Television repairman's accidental discovery makes anyone a hypno-tist right away. Secret method uses ordinary TV set. No electronic knowledge needed. No prior hypnotic training needed!"

Unfortunately I couldn't find specific information as to the details of the advertised method, but it probably involves bathing yourselves in TV radiation while throwing the v-hold to wacky.

But wait, there's more!

Amusingly enough the rest of the ad proclaims "Send no money! Just name and address. Pay postman $2.98 plus C.O.D. postage. Or send $3 with order and we pay postage."

So basically, send no money, or send money.

This TV hypnosis ad ran in Amazing Spider-Man #127, December 1973.


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