1967 - ASM Annual #4 - Pimple Gel

This ad is noteworthy in that it's probably the cleanest and sparsest ad I've seen yet in the comic books from this far back; most everything else is jam packed with text just to reassure you of the value you're getting with your home martial arts and hypnosis course.

Ads will eventually move closer and closer to this louder, less-cluttered style as time goes on, but the wordy ones would never go away completely.

In the meantime, just enjoy the ad and the fact that apparently boys have it much easier than girls (unless you're a girl, at which point, don't enjoy the fact; go and put your 22nd layer of cream on!)

Appeared in Spider Man Annual #4, 1967.

Completely nonsequitur, but I wanted to wish my dad a happy 50th birthday tomorrow! I appreciate you and Mama's efforts to keep "violent" comic books and cartoons away from my childhood, but I'm more appreciative that you didn't try all that hard. :)


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