Introducing X-Cards The Spot - My next blog

Spider-Ads may be no more (at least, as far as new posts go... though I gotta admit I miss working on it sometimes), but that doesn't mean I'm done blogging about comic stuff!

Introducing X-Cards the Spot . If you were a child of the 80's and 90's at all you had to have sunk an unfortunate amount of your allowance on trading cards, specifically Marvel trading cards. This blog reviews each and every card from the 1992 X-Men Impel trading card set, most notable for being all drawn by Jim Lee at the height of the 90's X-Craze.

We'll tear apart the art, the biographies, pit the characters' Power Ratings against each other (did you know that Jubilee is stronger than Havok?), but most of all, we'll wallow in nostalgia for the days of big boobs, big thighs, shoulder pads and leg pouches (albeit competently drawn).

Come on over!


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