1969 - ASM #75 - Masculiner Add-On Facial Hair

I'd long harbored uncomfortable feelings towards women who dress up as men, especially when they apply facial hair. Something about it puts me off even more than when a very ugly man tries to dress up as a sexy woman. What does this say about me? Hopefully something you can forget about as you gaze upon this, arguably more off-putting advertisement:

Masculiner, which nowadays is some sort of penis-enlargement pump (look it up for yourself), seems to assume that not only are their products THAT DAMN GOOD that no woman would notice that you were wearing stick-on face pubes until she had already licked it off your chin, but that your friends* would wouldn't just immediately fall apart when they saw you, someone who was clearly folically-challenged enough that you would even consider buying this product, suddenly strutting with a full but well-manicured lawn, when clearly only yesterday it was smooth as a baby's bottom.

*Fine, fine, I applaud the ad-men for knowing that whoever would consider this product couldn't possibly have friends, much less contact with anybody on a semi-regular basis. I guess this was supposed to be the product that finally gave you the confidence to step out into the sunlight for the first time ever.

From Amazing Spider-Man #75, August 1969.


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