1969 - ASM #70 - Skinny Part 2

Last entry I showed you an ad for one of those weight-gain powdered drinks supposed to make you, the scrawny male reader (I and the advertiser assume), bulk up fast. I also mentioned that they had similar products for girls. Well, here it is:

Not a drink, but they seem to just be multivitamins. I never really bought into the idea that simply taking multivitamins would make one gain weight, just healthier in general (which I guess would entail some weight gain on the malnourished).

Ang Lee talked about the difficulties of casting for his latest movie, Taking Woodstock, because youth from 1969 were way skinnier than youth of today (he also said that youth of today have far more groomed body hair...). Perhaps these products were TOO effective.

From Amazing Spider Man #70, March 1969.


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