1967 - ASM #47 - Kraven's Brawn(do)

Okay, this isn't an ad, but a frame of an old Spider Man. Specifically, Amazing Spider Man #47, April 1967.

In it, villain Kraven (the Hunter), having realized that Spider Man trumps him with his super powers, decides to fight dirty.

He does this by installing blasters that shoot OUT OF HIS NIPPLES (really the eyes of the lion's head (not main, the entire head) that he wears as a vest), rays that "MAGNETIZE HIS MUSCULAR ELECTROLYTES," thereby rendering his body a twitching mush.

Seeing as how apparently the general public still has no idea what the hell electrolytes are and what they do, this had to have just been completely incomprehensible to the average 1967 reader, and thus perfectly acceptable for Stan Lee (or whoever was ghost-writing for him at this point).

Also Kraven refers to his "ANIMAL POWERS" which, since he really has no super powers other than above average strength, agility, and probably attuned senses*, just refers to his sexual magnetism, as evidenced by his shaved chest, slicked hair, thick mustache, and his leopard print leggings that stop above his ankles like a suburban mother's yoga tights.

*Wikipedia claims Kraven gets heightened powers by regularly ingesting some sort of "jungle juice." I don't recall reading this back then, so they may have toughened him up in subsequent issues by giving him a source of power similar to what college students drink out of a rubbermaid tub at parties.


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